Everly says…

Everly: wait, wait, wait… I know it’s bed time, but just one question…
Me: what?
Everly: Can I borrow that dress you have on tomorrow?

(Four years old and already in my closet. Not a day goes by that I don’t find her standing in her room wearing my heels, my hat, a scarf and one of my tops as a dress. So often she’ll catch me watching her and she’ll just say to me nonchalantly without skipping a beat in her imaginary play, “I told you it was time to pick the kids up! We’re going to be late.” And then she’ll just sashay away in my too big heels. )

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Everly says…

Brent: “Everly you can’t eat that cupcake until you finish your dinner.”

Everly: “But I just want to tell it one thing.”


Everly: (straight to the cupcake) “Mommy loves you! Don’t worry, I’ll be right back.”

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Everly Says…

Me: “Everly, we get to go see Santa on Saturday night! What are you going to ask him to bring you?”

 ”I don’t want to tell you.”

Me: “Oh, well, ok. As long as you tell Santa, that’s all that matters.” (Knowing full well she’s told me a half a dozen times already what she wants for Christmas)

A few minutes go by and she leans over quietly and whispers…

"Know what I’m gonna ask Santa to bring me? Some reindeer poops!"

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Everly Says…

"Oh, daddy! Can I have some booty poofs?"

Everly, upon seeing a bag of Pirate’s Booty in the cabinet.

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Arlo Says…

Brent: I think Arlo has pink eye

Arlo: I not pink eyes! I baby blue eyes!

(I’ve been meaning to post this all week! Arlo’s first legit  ”Arlo says”.)

Everly says…

How you know Everly is up to no good:

(Loud banging in her bedroom)

Me: Everly!?

Everly: Nothing!!!!

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Everly Says…

(Trying a Smartie candy for the first time)

Everly: hmmm. These taste like something…

Me: Oh yeah? Like what?

Everly: Like… (thinking) Like how a cucumber’s armpit would taste.

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Everly Says

(I found Everly standing in the hallway one night after she was supposed to be asleep. Lately, she has been prone to getting out of bed after we put her down. To discourage this, we made a rule that every time she gets up, we close her door a few inches. She likes her door wide open, so this usually works to keep her in bed.)

Me: Everly, what are you doing in the hallway?

Everly: I just got up to see what you were doing.

Me: Go get back in bed. And since you chose to get up after bedtime, unfortunately your door is going to have to close a few inches.

Everly: Awwwwww! I told my legs this wasn’t a good idea but they wouldn’t listen!

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Everly Says…

(During Bedtime Prayers)

Everly: Dear Lord, thank you for penguins.

Me: Why are you thankful for penguins?

Everly: because they make me laugh when they fall down on the ice and slide on their backs!

(Five minutes later, a little voice from her bedroom)

Everly: MOMMY!

Me: (Standing in her doorway) Yes, Everly?

Everly: I’m scared.

Me: Scared of what?

Everly: Penguins

Me: Penguins?

Everly: I think the penguins are not happy I prayed about that.

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Me: Everly, what are you doing with all my shoes?Everly: I’m playing a game called “What shoes should I wear to high school?”
(This girl needs to slow down on this growing up too fast business. )

Me: Everly, what are you doing with all my shoes?
Everly: I’m playing a game called “What shoes should I wear to high school?”

(This girl needs to slow down on this growing up too fast business. )

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